Monday, 12 July 2010

Twilight Eclipse

So i went to see the Twilight Saga Eclipse on the 4th July .. I was so excitedd

I avoided going to the midnight screening on the 3rd because i didnt wana go when obsessed fans woulda been every-where (no offence to any peeps) lol !

My opinion on the film-AWESOMEEEE :]

I thought eclipse was better than twilight and by far new moon!

Anyway .

Im now definately TEAM ....


Im going again to see Eclipse in the cinema tomorrow afternoon with my sister and aunt, im super excited again even thoú ive already seen it lol

Anyway thats all, il stop the "babbling" now !

- Nichola óx


  1. Hello again love :)
    Haha TEAM JACOB ALL THE WAAAAAYYY! Going to watch it tomorrow, orange wednesdays ;) lol!
    Cant waiiiiiiiit, im twilight obsessed!!
    Haha keep it up xxxx

  2. Hi again love !

    Aye yer right, TEAM JACOBBBB :]

    Hope you ENJOY IT (no doubt that you wont!)

    - Óxx;x


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