Saturday, 17 July 2010

Shopping Buys: Warehouse, Oasis, Asda etc

Hii Lovelies =)
I went shopping again yesterday with my mum, but i didnt spend much money as im trying to save money as my BF is taking me to beijing, china and hong kong next year :]
But i just got a few bits & pieces yday anyway as unz can see in the foto below:

I got this creamy skirt in warehouse. Its really nice, its wooly/tweedy and heavy so it would be great in the winter with tights etc its got wee speckles of colour all through it like peach and green.

I got this skirt in the sale. It was originally £45 and i got it for £5 :o
which i thought was great !

I got this wee nightie in asda on thursday, i thought it was lovely, i love pretty jammies. The material is really nice, its rather thick too so would be warm in the winter to!
It wasnt in the sale thóú.
It was £8


This is just a revlon nail polish, no.998-nude chic, i got it on thursday also in a cosmetic company outlet and it was just £3.95, am not into nail polish that much thou and just thought id pick it up!

I got this little beauty in Dorothy Perkins. I absouletly L.O.V.E it =)
It was in the sale section of the jewellery but there was no price tag or nothing on it. It was beside a similar chain which was £3 so my mum asked the sales assistant how much this wan was and she said probably £10 or £15 then she asked me where i found it and i showed her and she said she would give it to me for £5 so i was happy~happy !
I love pearls so much, i have way too much, but i will never have enough ! lol
The wee heart clock is soo cute too and it actually works, it isnt just for show!

I got these pastel coloured bangles in oasis, theyre really nice shades and they were orighinally £14 and i got them for £4 !

And lastly i got this greeny bangle in asda for £2 :]
So thats just a few weee things i bought nothing much!
- Nichola xó


  1. Omg I absoloutley loveeeeee that necklace from Dorthey Perkins! Gonna hav a hunt down for that I tell ya haha! Lovely postttt and lovely things you bought xxx

  2. Aww thank-you! I loveeeee it too =)

    There was only 1 left in the store i got it in, good luck hunting thóu !


  3. oh love finding pieces like that skirt , you can just do anything with it and it will look great ! thanks for sharing ,


    the wardrobewarsgirls

    please come check our blog it we are trying something different would love to hear your opinion.

  4. Thank~yóu!

    And i know, you could pair it with so much which is always good =]

    Al check your blog out now !


  5. Amazing purchases! Loving them all!
    Please follow me blog! you had commented on an old post of mine :)
    I am following you now, we both are early on in this blogging buisness :)
    perhaps we can help each other out!

  6. i love your purchases!
    follow my blog!
    you have be en on it before and commented

    looks like were both just starting out on blogging

  7. my favorite item has to be that skirt. its adorable. and i'm completely lusting after it. :D

  8. sophie-Aww thank~yóu =)

    Yeah im new to it like you ! Lol.

    Il go follow you now if im not a follower yet okay :]

    Lane-Thanks :] The skirt is pretty nice aint it !


  9. Hhe would love to have you as a follower :) (Y) keep intouch we can help each other out hehe!


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