Saturday, 10 July 2010

Topshop Neck-lá-cé :]

So i was doing a bit of shopping with my mum on thursday and of course the summer sales where on. Am not a huge fan of the sales, they do my head in a bit :( but sometimes you can find some really good steals in the clothes lines !
Thou i dont mind the sales if im looking for jewellry.
I handmade jewellry or unique quirky looking pieces.
I spotted this necklace in topshop and just had to get it.
Its so pretty and looks like the handmade type of jewellery that i usually go for :]
Its gold and silver and has a little white bow, a gold figurine of the big ben clock in london, a lil diamond thing and of course my favourite - a big PEARL !
I am obsessed with anything to do with pearls and that made me get it more.
Below are some piccies .. oh and the necklace was originally £16 and i got it for £4 so happy days!


  1. Nice find!! I love quirky vintage jewellery! Don't really buy much though! :p "that's what your into right? Dead people jewellery?" my bf says that to me all the time :p your in Derry?! Nice! Were heading there next weekend for the tattoo convention! :D can't wait!!

  2. I lovwe it too :]

    Aw gawd does he :o my bf is different, he buys me "dead people jewellery" sumtyms lol !

    Well, co.derry-dungiven, 20 mins away just :]



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