Saturday, 9 October 2010

Im packing boxes today, moving house is so frustrating .. needed a break so thought id put up another ootd post, this is what i wore yesterday whilst shopping!

Tweedy Jacket - River Island £20 over 4 years ago .. I love this wee jacket, havent wore it in agesss though

Cream Crochet Lace Top - Penneys/Primark - Bout 10 euro or 12

Dark Skinny Hem Jeans - GAP £55 .. So lovely and such a snug fit!

Handbag - River Island £45/£55 i think

Pearl Brooch - Primark

Snake Bracelet - Primark £3.00

Cameo Necklace - Penneys

Heart Pearl Clock Necklace - Dororthy Perkins

Ballerina Dancer Pearl Necklace with Blue Bow etc - Liberty Blue

Snake Ring - Primark £2.50

Cream Heels - New Look £20

Hope your all havin a 'gud wkend lay-dee'es :)

- Nichola

Friday, 8 October 2010

Lovely Brooch

My lovely Auntie went to Belfast the other day and she took me back a wee pressie from my favourite boutique .. Liberty Blue (she knows me soo well!) ..

A Navy and White/Cream Marilyn Monroe Brooch :)


Isnt it Pretty ? :)

- Nichola

Thursday, 7 October 2010

.. More recent buys!

Hii Hi Lovelies ..

Im sitting with a
thumping migraine writing this post :( its not really a cure, like a bright screen plus migraine? needy get aff asap.

Anyway this week and last ive been shopping quite a hella of alot, but not just for clothes and pretty wee things, but for bedroom furniture, im moving house next week and me and my mum have been venturing to soo many furniture shops, i am sooo sick of looking at wardrobes. beds etc .. would do your head in!

Id love a victorian kinda antique room but i settled for something not as antique looking but i love it anyway!

Oh and Me and my mum were going into the department store called World of Furniture on tuesday and before i got to the door a freakin peacock/hen went scootin through the door, the salesman and woman were looking for it but they never got it, they were checking under beds chairs everything, im the kinda person that panicks when the tootiest dog comes near me, imagine me like? i was ready te hop on top a the beds lol!

Anyway onto what i got ..

Black Long Pearl Cardigan - New Look: £25 down to £10 .. I heart.heart.heart this, pearliess :)

Skinny Jeans - Gap: £55 .. I absouletly love these jeans, they fit so well and are just so perfect on, wee postman delivered them on monday and made me super happii .. theyve got lovely hems stiched onto the thigh area, they are not like motorcycle jeans though if uns get me and zips on the ankles .. ive been stuck in tights and dresses/skirts so much and since ive got these i havent had them off!

Pictures dont do them too many favours though :(

Revlon Colorstay oily comb in Ivory - £11.99 .. i got this because i always use buff but i think its a little to dark for me, but ivory is too pale, so ive been tryin to mix both but cant find the perfect match, ratio? anyone any tips for mixing?

Natural Collection Concealer Stick - £2 i think

I was actually really surprised with this concealer stick, its a really good match for my skin, theres only too shades though, i got "fair". I find that its really creamy and easy to blend, good enough for me! The only thing is you dont get a whole load a product but for £2 i couldnt argue!

NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder Translucent - Superdrug £2.99 i think. I went looking for this little gem after reading the review from the lovely sophie at

I love reading her blog, you ladies should all check it out! Now! Anyway you get alot powder in this, it keeps oil at bay, doesnt look cakey etc overall im really happy with this :)

Me and my sister ventured into internacionale last night, i dont like that shop really, am never init, but i spotted these too chains and just had to get them, they were down to £2 each and buy one get 1 half price, £3 total! The silver one has a little sewing machine on it and crochet bow :) so cute. Theyd make great stocking fillers for christmas too!

I spotted this in the Next Home store last night and my mum got it for me for my new room, itsnt it just (see what i just done there) :)

It was £10. I also got another lovely piece but it hady be ordered in so havty wait to next week !

Off in search of more home furniture tomorrow, the joyyy :( but im sure al get a sneak into a few more enjoyable wee shops for a nosey!

- Nichola

Monday, 4 October 2010

Hi Everyone ..

Hope your all well!

How crappy is the weather tday, well in northern ireland its freakin stormy as hell, gales, rain=chilly times and messss-ay hair .. boo :( but then again, its a good excuse to get all cosy and wrapped up (which is the way i like it i must say)! lol

Me and the bf just went away for a drivee tday, ended up doing a wee bita snooping around the shops too.
This is just what i wore:

Black Lace Blouse - Primark

Wooly Skirt - Warehouse

Black Vest Underneath - River Island

Handbag - Penneys/Primark

Snake Bracelet - Primark .. L.O.V.E !

Snake Ring - Primark

Shorter Charm Chain -Topshop

Peal Beaded Heart Watch Necklace - Dorothy Perkins

Tights - Penneys/Primark

Quilted Ballet Flats with Gold Chains - From My Sister!

Thats all from me ..
Oh and The Vampire Diaries Season 2 starts back tomorrow night on itv 2 (uk) awwh i love it so much, i couldnt wait a few weeks ago so i watched the first 2 new episodes online .. am still guna tune in tomorrow night thou..

kick back, relax and let stefan and damon do the talkin (and whatever else!) sounds good?

yupp :)

- Nichola x.o

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Karen Gillan

I think shes stunningly ... beautee-ful



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