Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30th June 2010

I was just browsing covers of this song Airplanes by BOB on youtube ..

I am totally obsessed and in love with this sog atm !

Hayleys voice is amazing :]

I came across this cover, these guys are class at this song especially the fella on th right

.. Nichola óx

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

29th June 2010

Just a little ootd :]

Dress - Primark: £13
Lace Footless Tights - Ebay £3-£4
Sandals - Borrowed From my Sister :]
Handbag - River Island: £45
Pearl Earrings - Pressie from Bf
Pearl Headband - Primark: £1
Pearl Watch - Pressie from Bf
Pearl Bracelet - Pressie again from the Bf :]
3 different handmade necklaces - Presents from my Bf also ...

As youns can see, i love my pearlsss lol


Nichola - xó

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

I was lureing over whether or not to buy this body butter for some time .

I read alot of v good reviews on it and thought it sounded like a great intensive moisturiser.

Then last week when i was doing a spot of shopping i noticed in store, The Body Shop had a half price sale on for body butter .. i was like yay :] lol But then the sales assisatnt told me the Coconut one was still full price and burst my bubble :(

In the sale, a few of the body butters were half price and down to £6.25 whereas there usual rrp is £12.50.

After doing a little research the next day i noticed that the same butters that where half price in store where half price on The Body Shop Website also, however they were lower than HALF PRICE and cost £5.00 .. i dont understand why they are £5.00 on the hald price sale online and the real half price cost in store .. ah well, i didnt care much as my coconut fave wasnt included!

Anyway i went on to ebay, and purchased a full size coconut body butter and got ir for £7.99 including postage, which i was pretty happii about !

I ordered it on friday affternoon and it came on monday morning which was v fast and made my monday blues disappear !

The body butter smells ab-so-lout-ely scrumptious :] Im in L.O.V.E with it already however i havent got to use it properly quite yet due to lack of time :( but i will soon!

The formula of the body butter seems very easy to spread and rub in. it isnt to thick unlike some cheaper brands which seem like cheese etc ..

... Nchola xó

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Rimml Nude Delight

I really prefer lipsticks to lipglosses and i much like nuder shades. I saw quite a lot of lovely reviews on the Rimmel Nude Delight 700 lippie so i thought id give it a try :]

Below is a picture of it:

I got this lippie in superdrug a few months ago and i think it cost between £5 [+&] £6 which i though was alright for a drugstore lippie.

I expected this o be a bit nudish on me however it wasnt at all surprisingly. It came out like a peachy coral colour which... ADORE !

I dont mind that it isnt a nude colour on me, i find it rather flattering on my pale skintone.

I really like the concistency and texture of this lipstick, i isnt too thick and its creamy and has a lovely sheen to it hich i prefer to an over all matte lippie :]

I have been using it daily ever since i bought it nd have got another one for back up :]

I give it a BIG thumps up !

Belowis a picture of me weaing this Rimmel nude delight lipstick:

.. Nichola xó

Sleek I-Divine Mineral Based Storm Eyeshadow Pallette

I first came across this little beauty on youtube a few months ago ..

It was getting very good reviews so i decided to research it on blogs and noticed it was getting bragged about soo muc in a good way ... so i decided to jump on the bandwagon and go and get one for myself !

Im so glad i did :] It cost £4.99, extremly cheapp .

I chose the storm pallette as it is the one that has the most wearble colours for me as im a real natural coloured girl, i like my shimmery browns, golds creams etc and this pallette has a few of those.

Below is a picture of the product when i first got it ..

The top row are more natural wearable colours whereas the bottom row ar more intense vivid colours (in my opinion anyway) lol

The pallette came with a eyeshadow applicator, but i threw it away as i find it u-s-e-l-e-s-s !

This pallette contains 3 matte eyeshadows whereas the remaining ones are shimmery.
Thats something that made me buy thid product, as i heart >
Overall, im in L.O.V.E with this palette. The 2 colours on the left side and th highlighting colour shades are almost finished on mine so i just stocke up and got another palette in superdrug on tuesday :]
.. Nichola x.0


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