Saturday, 31 July 2010

Can someone please give me some MAC recommendations?

Hi lovelies :]

I can really afford MAC atm but my mums taking me and my sister to belfast next tues or wed i hope and ive a feeling she's gunay treat me as ive been *hinting* about MAC :)

I hate Northern Ireland though, Debenhams is the only place that stocks MAC besides the cco 15mins away, and its not even alot :(

But anyway..Can someone please suggest to me some mac products which i should look into, pretti please, i may or may not be lucky enough to get some lol?

Id be interested in: eyeshadows, MSF possibly however i dont know much about it? oops lol, powder, powder blush, paintpots and lipstick.

I only have one MAC product, thats how DEPRIVEDDDD i am :'( tear lol

Its the eyeshadow-woodwinked!

I thought it looked perfect when i bought it .. however when i got home it was not what i expected, it came up with a real orangeeeey tone on my pale skin, i havent used it since i tried it once i think :(

Anyway all recommendations from you dollies are very welcome :]

- Nichola xó


  1. Hi hun, Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    You should def, check out MAC. I know it is the brand that people here in the blogging world always talk about, but they are ALL RIGHT!.

    I would def, recommend
    - Painterly painpot
    - All That Glitters eyeshadow
    - Naked Lunch eyeshadow
    - Patina eyeshadow
    - Well Dressed Blush
    - Pink Swoon Blush
    - Angel Lipstick
    - Hue Lipstick
    - Creme D Nude lipstick
    - if the MAC counter you are going to has STEREO ROSE> Dont think twice, get it and leave everything. Just get this. haha
    - Florabundance lipglass

    WOW thats a lot, but those are my recommendations for you. I hope your mom treats you for some MAC makeup fun :)

  2. Hi

    Its okaii =)

    Thank~you dear for all the recommendations :)

    But i think alot of those blushes you said are pinkish arent they? Im looking for a peachy one i think, maybe springsheen :s

    Im planning to get a few paintpots :) is there much difference between soft ocre and
    painterly do you know lovely?

    I hope she treats me too, ill have to be extra niceee ;) lol



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