Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Random Rants [+&] Revlon Matte Lipstick

Soo today i went to the cinema to see Twilight Eclipse AGAIN !
I still loved watching it as much the 2nd time as i did the 1st, especially when jacob was on the screen, preferably with no shirt on (which was more or less all the time) lol
Oh and i loved jacobs qoutes in the tent scene, something like:
"you would be warmer if you took your clothes off" and "I am hotter than you"
And on to the lippie.
This is Revlon Matte Lipstick in COCOA CRAVING.

I got this lippie in Boots and paid between £7-£8.
I was looking recommendations of lipsticks and shades for redheads on mua etc.
I read lots of reviews saying this lipstick was great for natural redheads with pale skintones.
So after reading various comments i was like "right ive gota get this!" so i went to boots and did so.
I swatched the colour on my hand and thought "oh no thats way beyond your comfort zone" lol bought i purchased it anyway. When i got home i tried it and was like WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY :(
The colour was way to "out there" for me, it made my lips look thinner than normal, i hated it.
Its also matte, i prefer creamy consistencies.
I much prefer nude toned lippies.
I will never wear this lipstick alone, thou if i was to ever consider wearing it i would have to tone it down. I tried doing that with Barry M - 101 Lipstick. Swatches below:

To the Left: Revlon Cocoa Craving Mixed With Barry M 101
To the Right: Revlon Cocoa Craving Alone
I think that cocoa craving is far more wearable when paired with barry m 101 lippie, on my skintone anyway! Thats only my opinion but lol.

Pros of Revlon Cocoa Craving :

Very Pigmented, 1 swipe on my lips is all i need for overall colour
Lovely matte texture, not drying (even though i prefer creamy textures!)
Sleek packaging with nice littlee clear lid thingy at the top which lets you see the colour easily if your in a rush !

Cons of Revlon Cocoa Craving:

The con for me is the colour. Doesnt suit my pale skintone, though for others, they may find it pretty!

I'll stop rambling now, thanks for reading :]

- Nichola óx


  1. Hey :)

    Love your blog, its so cute and informative, I love that cocoa craving colour (not sure if I could pull it off though lol)

    Im now your newest follower <3
    Looking forward to more posts...


  2. Hi :]

    Do you..I cant pull it off anyway :(

    Aww thank~yóu for following <3

    I appreciate it !


    - Óxx;x


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