Tuesday, 27 July 2010

e.l.f recommendations?

Hii Everyone :)
Soo ive recently been wondering wheter or not i should order anything from e.l.f online, even though they're really cheap as chips i dont know if i should.
Thats why im writing this post .. for RECOMMENDATIONS! Lol
Does anyone currently use any e.l.f products/brushes?
Ive been reading alot of GREAT reviews on the e.l.f studio powder brush which can be used to stipple liquid foundation, i would really like to know if any of you lovelies have this or have tried it and if its any good, because at £3.50 i think it would be a steal rather than the MAC 187 which i cannot afford to splurging on atm due to trying to save for my trip next year :(
Anyways ..
Thats all from me for now .. Bore Boree lol
- Nichola xó


  1. Elf eyeliner pens are quite good
    adnd also there encyclopedias are good aswell

    eye liners
    And some nail varnishes are good, there as i call them ice cream colours are good the lilac one and smokey brown is lovely!

  2. Hey Hunnie, Yeah Elf are really good quality for their price. I have 9 of there make up brushes (theres a kit on there somewhere) & they havent failed me yet :). I also bought two of their eyeshadows but I havent really used them much so cant say much about them, they are quite pigmented but not sure about how long they stay on for. But deffo try the brushes xx

  3. Thankyou both of uns :)

    I really want the elf studio powder brush but its out of stuck and by looking at their facebook page it has been for weeks :(

    The smokey brown eye liner sounds like me :)

    I myt just have to order it from ebay in the usa!


  4. i've heard good reviews of e.l.f. from a few beauty sites (ex. lovelyish.com) but never tried. i don't really use brushes teehee. i'm not a makeup guru. the only brush i use is an ecotools brush from walmart that i use sometimes to blend in my concealer. sometimes. usually i just use a finger.

    anyway, thank you so much for leaving a comment and following! and yeeeah guys suckkk. = = i don't have good luck with guys i guess.

    your blog is pretty cool :D

  5. My favs are the Warm Bronzer, the countouring blush and bronzer compact, complexion perfection, kabuki brush and the cream liner! ELD is a great brand and so cheap, you should definately try some of their products :)xx


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