Monday, 26 July 2010


Ive been wanting to see Inception since i seen the trailer for it months ago
I finally got the bf to go see it with me yesterday!

The movie was outstanding, but rather confusing for the 1st half hour or so (in my opinion) it just took a while to kinda catch onto the whole plot thing, btw i do not consider myself slow! lol
Though after that slow period i thought it was great, my bf, on the otherhand was ready to fall asleep but, literally, on my shoulder! lol In the end up he really liked it though. I really liked the whole "special effects" kinda things, like the way the city turned upside down and all, i found it rather fascinating in my own wee strange kinda obsurd way lol.
I would give this movie a big thumbs up :]
Anyone else seen it?
- Nichola óx


  1. I watched this last week, I totally agree with you I thought it was AMAZING! yeahhh kinda confusing till half way then everything makes sense haha.
    I want to go watch it again lool xx

  2. Thank-gawd im not the only one that thought it was a tád confusing then! lol.

    Yeah a do too!

  3. Hey sweetie, I definately thought this film was confusing particularly because when I left the cinema my boyfriend totally flipped the storyline(or what I thought happened around) and had a very different view of it. Totally confuzzled now!!!

  4. I went to see it with my best friend and her little sister about a couple of weekends ago, I really loved it! To be honest I didn't even really want to go see it, but i'm definitely glad I did. I agree, there was kind of a slow period, and I wish they had've cut that part out.. but it was overall a GREAT movie!

  5. i've heard so many good things about it! I can't wait to watch it soon

  6. it's alright i was a little confused right around the middle of the movie. but i think you just gotta sit back, keep watching no matter what, and just enjoy it.


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