Saturday, 17 July 2010

Random Post

Hi everyone :]
This is just a random wee post.
So on thursday my sister and her bf were going to spain on holiday and my mum took them to the airport and i thought id go cus i wasnt doing much anyway.
We pulled in at the drop off bit in the airport and we parked and the stupid woman infront just decided to reverse into our car :o
We could just see her cumin back and my mum was lik omg omg
Then i reached to peep the horn and it wouldnt work and i broke my long bead necklace
:( tear and then BANG !
Luckily no damage was done. Then me and my mum just started laughing, it was funny thou ! lol
So after that we just went and done some grocery shopping and stuff and got some things in asda. I got a lovely polka dot nighty which was £8, some cute underwear, some lovely bangles which were all reduced to like £2-£3 each !
Then we went to the cosmetic company outlet thou not much caught my eye :( BUT i did see some mac paintpots, but im not educated enought to understand the uses of the WHOLE MAC range, so i didnt buy the one i liked :( anyone use them that could fill my stupid little self in? lol anyway i just came away with a cheap revlon nail polish in nude chic which was £3.95 it looks really pretty though!
Then my mum treated me too dinner, i got a lovely big sizzling chicken fillet with creamy peppercorn sauce, mushrooms and champ :]
I do love my potatoes, or as the irish would say our "spuds" lol
Anyway thats all, i know, a very boring random uninterseting post lol
- Nichola xó

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  1. i like the clock necklace. it so cute! <3


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