Friday, 9 July 2010

My 20th Birthday :]

Soo .. it was my 20th birthday there on the 2nd july :]

My bf decided to make me a meal

(i told him i would rather he make me a meal than go out for one!)

He made me this little card too
The photos are messed up but, i rotated them, but they still wont turn round when i upload them, aaaargh :(

Neways this is what it looks like:

The front says "The Love Kitchen"

The inside page says this:

"The love kitchen menu

Todays chefs special


Mixed fruits

Main Course

Fillet steak with creamy pepper sauce.

Served with mixed carrots, cauliflower and broccoli


Banana fritters and pineapple fritters in syrup with vanilla ice cream


Chefs special birthday cake with a cup tea"

Then the next page says this

"Now please wait and enjoy the meal

Our love kitchen wish you a happy birthday.

Our chef put his heart into this meal. And he's

been planning the meal for a long time. We know

you wanted candels to be appeared in your birthday

meal, but unfortunately this weather isn't allow us

to light up the candels.

Happy birthday baby. i will always love you.

Forever and ever.

Love steven."

When i read this i was like awwwww he's so damn sweet :]

Then the back of the card says this:
"This is made just for my special girl-

friend nichola.
Happy birthday my baby girl. You
are my angel. I will always love you
and the love kitchen will always open

for you. Just you!

You are my one and only."

He always makes me such nice handmade cards which makes me happy cus it shows he put time and effort into something for me =]

My Meal

My bf made me this Birthday cake for me all by himself .. i was gobsmacked lol i wasnt expecting him to make any kind of cake for me :o
He's so sa-weet :)

It was v.yummy and tasted rather like cheesecake which i heart !
So for starters my bf gave me mixed fruit which was really lovely and light though i hated the mango that was in it, ive never tasted mango and i thought it was horrible :(

Below was the dessert that my bf made for me. It was banana and pineapple fritters with vanilla ice cream :]

Below is my dinner that my bf made for me: creamy potatoes, mixed vegetables, a goregous fillet steak with creamy pepper sauce that he made from scratch all by himself :]
It was de-lic-ous
especially the peppercorn sauce ..
it was so hawt !

Hes so good to me!

- Nichola .. óx


  1. This is soooooo sweet! <3 Bless him, looks like you had a lovely day! Happy belated birthday :D xx

  2. Aww i know!

    He always makes me wee handmade cards/books :]

    Thank~you =)


  3. youve got a keeper hun! happy late birthday! xoxo

  4. I know!

    Aw thank-you dear :]



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