Saturday, 31 July 2010

Can someone please give me some MAC recommendations?

Hi lovelies :]

I can really afford MAC atm but my mums taking me and my sister to belfast next tues or wed i hope and ive a feeling she's gunay treat me as ive been *hinting* about MAC :)

I hate Northern Ireland though, Debenhams is the only place that stocks MAC besides the cco 15mins away, and its not even alot :(

But anyway..Can someone please suggest to me some mac products which i should look into, pretti please, i may or may not be lucky enough to get some lol?

Id be interested in: eyeshadows, MSF possibly however i dont know much about it? oops lol, powder, powder blush, paintpots and lipstick.

I only have one MAC product, thats how DEPRIVEDDDD i am :'( tear lol

Its the eyeshadow-woodwinked!

I thought it looked perfect when i bought it .. however when i got home it was not what i expected, it came up with a real orangeeeey tone on my pale skin, i havent used it since i tried it once i think :(

Anyway all recommendations from you dollies are very welcome :]

- Nichola xó


Hii Everyone ..

Hope your all having a good weekend whilst im stuck in the house because my bf's working all day :(

Soo yesterday i went shopping again but never got much as usual lol

This is just what i wore:

Green polka dot blouse: Primark find about 3+ years ago - price: cant remember back that far!

Black Vest Top Underneath: River Island - £6 or £7

Wooly/Tweed Skirt: Warehouse - Was £45 down to £5, i really love this skirt now
3 Handmade Necklaces which i adóre: Two were presents from my bf and one from my auntie, all from Liberty Blue Boutique Belfast, one of my favourite shops ever, they have so much cute stuff, and quirky dresses hanging from the ceiling! lol
4the Necklace-Topshop

The blouse that i wore with my skirt is actually veryy long, uns couldnt see as i had it tucked in to the skirt, just thought i would show you all! lol

Patterned Footless Tights - Matalan: £4
Black Shoes - Dolcis 2+ years ago, cant remember the price

Handbag - River Island, present from my bf at christmas: £45 .. i LOVE this bag, but the sides are ripping into holes and so is the straps, not fair :'(

* What I Bought *

Black Velvet Skirt - Primark: £7

( The pic makes it look crappy :( )

Once i saw this skirt i was like mum look at this, i love velvet, its so mee lol. I just hady get it, it was so cheappp!

Its got a tight waist band and is really flowy if at makes sense, its sooo soft =)

Full Length Tights: New Look Sale - Originally £6 down to £2

I love patterned tights and these ones are lovely, they have polka dots on them, but they have three thick stripes hems on each leg, theyre lovely!

I would usually wear footless tights in the summer but i may make a wee exception for these :) lol

- Nichola xó

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tag: Would You Rather Part II

Soo i got tagged by the Beau-ti-ful Ula at

to do "Would you rather part 2"
so here goes!

Q1. Would you rather walk around all day with your skirt tucked in your underwear or been seen wearing a really see through dress?

I think id choose to walk around with my skirt tucked into my underwear if its all day because i'd say it would be highly likely that id have tights on underneath my skirt which would mean that nobody would see my actual ass lol whereas everythings more or less on show with the "see through dress option" !

Q2. Would you rather go to a party and not realize until the end of the night that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake eyelashes are coming unglued?

Id rather not realize that my fake eyelashes are coming off becauseeee i never wear them so its unlikely that thats gunay happen anyway! If that makes sense lol.

Q3. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?

Id rather forget to put mascara on one eye, i dunno why, maybe because i think having blush on one cheek would be way more noticeable that just having mascara on one eye!

Q4. Would you rather wear lipstick/lipliner combo or frosty blue eyeshadow?

Lipstick/lipliner combo as i could try and blend the lipliner in as much as i could! The thought of me putting on blue eyeshadow is like "oh nooo" enough, but frosted makes it worse! I prefer my neutrals! lol

Q5. Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades light or go way overboard on bronzer?

I think id choose ... foundation that is too shades lighter even though id look paleeee as hell! lol because going overboard on my pale skin would be horrible looking e.g tangoed which is a chavvy look that i dont go for! lol

Q6. Would you rather drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy who broke your heart on a bad hair day or when your skin is freaking out?

Umm well ive never had a guy break my heart, but even if i did id definately choose to drink an entire bottle of ketchup even though the thought of doing that is maken me squeamish!

Q7. Would you rather be able to date any celeb you wanted or wake up with perfect red carpet-worthy hair?

Id lekly choose to wake up with perfect red carpet-worthy hair because i hate my hair quite a lot and i have to get up everyyy morning and wash it, so a day off would be lovely duvly =) lol

Q8. Would you rather your armpits smell musky or like delicious lasagne?

Ive actually NEVER tasted lasagne 'nor smelt it but id still probably choose the lasagne anyway! I dont think anybody would wany be near me if my armpits smelt musky, especially my bf :(

Q9. Would you rather give up your makeup or cell phone for one year?

Thats a really hard one ... I use my fone everydayyy :( but i need make-up. If i had to i would choose my make-up, i think! I could always use the internet and my house fone ect to contact whoever i needed to, it would just be more hassle :( lol

Q10. Would you rather run into a cute guy you like with food all in your grill (teeth) or no makeup at all?

Welll .. the only cute guy i like is my bf :) sooo, id choose to run into him with no make-up at all cus he always see's me aú-natural/minus the slap anyway!

Thank-You to the lovely Ula for tagging me =)

Ive never done this before =$ soo, i just tag anyone who wants to do this/or reads this!

- Nichola xó

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sweet Thing My Bf Did For Me :)

This is just a wee picture i thought id share with you all =)

This is actually from months ago when i didnt have a blog lol but i came across it in my camera and thought id put it in a post anyway...

My Bf picked flowers from my grass and made the words "I LOVE YOU" in my back garden outside my bedroom window, he was soooo sweet !
Thats all from me, short and sweet
- Nichola xó

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

e.l.f recommendations?

Hii Everyone :)
Soo ive recently been wondering wheter or not i should order anything from e.l.f online, even though they're really cheap as chips i dont know if i should.
Thats why im writing this post .. for RECOMMENDATIONS! Lol
Does anyone currently use any e.l.f products/brushes?
Ive been reading alot of GREAT reviews on the e.l.f studio powder brush which can be used to stipple liquid foundation, i would really like to know if any of you lovelies have this or have tried it and if its any good, because at £3.50 i think it would be a steal rather than the MAC 187 which i cannot afford to splurging on atm due to trying to save for my trip next year :(
Anyways ..
Thats all from me for now .. Bore Boree lol
- Nichola xó

Monday, 26 July 2010


Ive been wanting to see Inception since i seen the trailer for it months ago
I finally got the bf to go see it with me yesterday!

The movie was outstanding, but rather confusing for the 1st half hour or so (in my opinion) it just took a while to kinda catch onto the whole plot thing, btw i do not consider myself slow! lol
Though after that slow period i thought it was great, my bf, on the otherhand was ready to fall asleep but, literally, on my shoulder! lol In the end up he really liked it though. I really liked the whole "special effects" kinda things, like the way the city turned upside down and all, i found it rather fascinating in my own wee strange kinda obsurd way lol.
I would give this movie a big thumbs up :]
Anyone else seen it?
- Nichola óx

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Hi-De-Hiii everyone =)
This is just some pictures of what i wore out last night and my make-up, the pictures are rather crappy but, i would need someone to take a full length one! lol.
I just went out with a few friends that i havent really seen properly in a while. Thats what happens when you've got a bf, well it does to me :( i wish it didnt but! Lol.
Anyway .. to the pics below:

I know i know .. it looks like i just have a top on :( but let me re-assure you all that i do have shorts on, the top is that floaty that you cant see! Lol.

So the make-up that i wore is more or less the same as usual, im sucha bore, i stick to the same blush etc quite alot lol

* Face *

Biore Shine Control Moisturiser
Revlon Colorstay Foundation oily/comb - 150 Buff
Revlon Matte Powder Blush - Perfectly Peach
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - 001
Contour - Rimmel Blush - Shade Bronze

* Eyes*

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil - Zero
Maybelline Collossal Volume Express Mascara
Urban Decay Loose Pigment Eyeshadow - Smog
Sleek Storm eyeshadow Palette - 1st on the left, top row
Sleek Storm Eyeshadow Palette - Vanilla-y shade, 2nd on the left, top row - Highlight Colour and inner corner

* Lips *

Barry M Lipstick - 101 Marshmallow
Mixed with
Rimmel Lipstick - Nude Delight
Benefit Eye Bright to Highlight Cupids Bow


Mint Green Chiffon Blouse with Insert Top: Ebay china - About £12-£13, i loveee this top so much, ive gotten sooo many compliments on it when im shopping, a topshop sales advisor couldnt believe it when i said i got it on ebay, she thought it was lovely, so did a dorothy perkins sales advisor, i got some comments about my outfit last night too :]

Dont you just love getting nice wee compliments? It makes you feel better especially if you're having a bad day eg Fat day as they sayyy lol or if youre lacking self confidence which is like me :(

Green Beaded Necklace: A present from my Friend - Next
White/Cream Pearl Necklace: From My Bf - My fave chain ever i think :]

Mint Green Crochet Shorts: River Island - £30 .. i got them for £17 in the sale but!

They look like a skirt dont they? A girls mum came up to me last week when i was wearing them with tights and asked me where i got my skirt cus her daughter thought it was lovely, i was like ummm its shorts! Tehe

This picture doesnt do them any justice but, they are more minty green in real, this pic makes it look like they dont even go with the top :(

Shoes - New Look: Price - unknown, got them last summer, £20 or £30 i think.
Sorry for the crappy pic of them!

Anyway thats my little ramble over, hope i didnt boreee whoever reads this (which is lekly not too many people :s ) too much!

- Nichola óx

Friday, 23 July 2010

Random Post-Some of the songs im lovin atm =)

This is just a post of my Favourite Songs atm :)
Sooo .. Here they are:
1. Jason DeRulo - What If
2. Flo-Rida - Club Cant Handle Me
3. Sara Barielles - King of Anything
4. The Saturdays - Missing You
5. Bruno Mars - Somewhere in Brooklyn
6. Diana Vickers - The Boy Who Murdered Love
7. Trey Songz - Say Ahh
8. Kelly Rowland - Commander
9. Fugative - Bad Girl
10. Esmee Denters - Love Dealer
11. Lee Dewyze - Beautiful Day
12. Travie McCoy - Billionaire
13. Drake - Find Your Love
- Nichola xó

Revlon Nude Chic Nail Polish

Hi everyone =)
So if any of unz read 1 of my previous posts unz would have seen that i bought the revlon nail polish in Nude Chic.
Picture below is of the nail polish - courtesy of google lol the other two pictures are mines though!

Im not a big nail polish fanatic but i liked the colour of this soo just got it. It is a nude shade which you can see in the image, i feel like its got more of a pink tone to it rather than a true nude though. I really like the consistency of this polish and the brush is really nice unlike the 17 mint choc chip nail polish. Also this revlon nail polish leaves a nice sheen to it once its dried in whereas the 17-mint choc chip looks really dry or something and its also rather streaky-my opinion but!
Below are pictures of me wearing the nude chic shade. My nails are way beyond perfect btw, i usually just slop in on and away i go! lol

These pictures are the 5th day of wear and they are chip free except for a little teeny weeny bit on my thumb nail which i think is really good, i applied this on sunday past and took these 2 pictures last night-thursday so thats a good 5 days wear more or less chip free =)

These pictures dont really do the colour justice but, it looks like a true nude here, but in real life theyre more of a pinky nude and more flattering (i think) lol!

Anyway-This nail polish gets a thumbs up from me, i may have to go and buy a few more shades in this range now !

- Nichola óx

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hair Extensions

Hi lovelies =)
So the postman came today with a little package, i love getting things in the post (ino weird ryt?)
Anyway it was my new hair extensions. These are the ones i have always used for about 2 years now and ive re-purchased them several times. i first got them in Sallys and they were about £22 for one pack of 18 inches long but now Sallys are discontinuing them :( boohoo!
These are the only extensions i can find that have a good colour match for my natural red hair. I used to wear 2 sets at a time but i ordered3 this time to make my hair more thicker and realistic looking!
I ordered these from the americandreamextensions website and i got each set for £10 each and postage was £6.95 so theyre cheaper than in the stores!
These extensions are always so silky and soft when i get them new which i l.o.v.eeeee but then after the first wash they arent :( about 6 months ago i bought shampoo and con outa sallys thats for hair extensions but i think its useless. I heard baby shampoo is meant to be really good because it doesnt have sulphate or something? Could someone recommend what cheap baby shampoo i should use? and should i use baby conditioner or would Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner be ok? Sorry for the questionsss lol
Below is 1 set of the extensions in their packaging:

This is 1 of the extensions, they are 18 inches long, 12 inches wide and have 6 clips, the clips are really sturdy and comfortable:

And this is all 3 Sets of extensions below:

Btw i know alot of girls love the Foxy Locks Extensions, after reading so many great reviews on them, i fell in love with them too, i watched the colour match video on youtube as well and thought chesnut brown looked like my hair way more than auburn (auburn looked like a wine red rather than a natural gingery auburn red), so i ordered them over a month ago and FAIL they didnt match :( but i didnt panic, cuz they said they could be dyed right?


Well i took them to my mums hairdresser and she said she would dye them and they'd be ready in a few hours so i was happy. It was more than a few hours and she still hadnt rang, i thought ohhhhhh no, then she rang and said the dye wouldnt stick to the hair extensions .. i was so soo mad at this point. There was ten pieces of hair, guess what she done, dyed them all :o you think she would have used her brain and tested 1 of them instead of ruining them all!

I was so angry, i wanted to cry, i wasted nearly £60 on them and then £10 for her to destroy them :(

Anyone else had that problem with the foxylocks extensions?

- Nichola óx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Shopping Buys: Warehouse, Oasis, Asda etc

Hii Lovelies =)
I went shopping again yesterday with my mum, but i didnt spend much money as im trying to save money as my BF is taking me to beijing, china and hong kong next year :]
But i just got a few bits & pieces yday anyway as unz can see in the foto below:

I got this creamy skirt in warehouse. Its really nice, its wooly/tweedy and heavy so it would be great in the winter with tights etc its got wee speckles of colour all through it like peach and green.

I got this skirt in the sale. It was originally £45 and i got it for £5 :o
which i thought was great !

I got this wee nightie in asda on thursday, i thought it was lovely, i love pretty jammies. The material is really nice, its rather thick too so would be warm in the winter to!
It wasnt in the sale thóú.
It was £8


This is just a revlon nail polish, no.998-nude chic, i got it on thursday also in a cosmetic company outlet and it was just £3.95, am not into nail polish that much thou and just thought id pick it up!

I got this little beauty in Dorothy Perkins. I absouletly L.O.V.E it =)
It was in the sale section of the jewellery but there was no price tag or nothing on it. It was beside a similar chain which was £3 so my mum asked the sales assistant how much this wan was and she said probably £10 or £15 then she asked me where i found it and i showed her and she said she would give it to me for £5 so i was happy~happy !
I love pearls so much, i have way too much, but i will never have enough ! lol
The wee heart clock is soo cute too and it actually works, it isnt just for show!

I got these pastel coloured bangles in oasis, theyre really nice shades and they were orighinally £14 and i got them for £4 !

And lastly i got this greeny bangle in asda for £2 :]
So thats just a few weee things i bought nothing much!
- Nichola xó

Random Post

Hi everyone :]
This is just a random wee post.
So on thursday my sister and her bf were going to spain on holiday and my mum took them to the airport and i thought id go cus i wasnt doing much anyway.
We pulled in at the drop off bit in the airport and we parked and the stupid woman infront just decided to reverse into our car :o
We could just see her cumin back and my mum was lik omg omg
Then i reached to peep the horn and it wouldnt work and i broke my long bead necklace
:( tear and then BANG !
Luckily no damage was done. Then me and my mum just started laughing, it was funny thou ! lol
So after that we just went and done some grocery shopping and stuff and got some things in asda. I got a lovely polka dot nighty which was £8, some cute underwear, some lovely bangles which were all reduced to like £2-£3 each !
Then we went to the cosmetic company outlet thou not much caught my eye :( BUT i did see some mac paintpots, but im not educated enought to understand the uses of the WHOLE MAC range, so i didnt buy the one i liked :( anyone use them that could fill my stupid little self in? lol anyway i just came away with a cheap revlon nail polish in nude chic which was £3.95 it looks really pretty though!
Then my mum treated me too dinner, i got a lovely big sizzling chicken fillet with creamy peppercorn sauce, mushrooms and champ :]
I do love my potatoes, or as the irish would say our "spuds" lol
Anyway thats all, i know, a very boring random uninterseting post lol
- Nichola xó

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


So this is my 1st FOTD on this (i think) lol
Its nothing spectacular !

Bióre Shine Control Moisturiser
Revlon Colorstay Foundation-BUFF
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder-No.1 Transparent
Revlon Matte Powder Blush-Perfectly Peach

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sleek Storm Eyeshadow Palette:
1st shade on the left in top row of palette-all over lid
2nd shade on top row left-highlighting shade
1st shade on the left on bottom row of palette-crease shade
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
Rimmel Black Kohl EyePencil


Rimmel Lipstick-Nude Attitude =)
Hope you all enjoyed thóu it was nothing special! lol.

- Nichola xó

Irish Crash

Hii Everyone ..
Soo this isnt a fashion/Beauty post, its a really sad one.
I was watching the news and saw that theyre was a really bad car crash in ireland. I live in northern ireland and the crash was about an hour away from where i live.
8 people where killed: 7 boys all in their late teens and early twenties, just like my age :(
and 1 elderly man :(
The boys are pictured below.
Theyre was 8 boys in 1 car :o
The driver is the only 1 still alive

Its just so sad :(
All those families have now been wrecked
My prayers are with them :(
- Nichola óx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Random Rants [+&] Revlon Matte Lipstick

Soo today i went to the cinema to see Twilight Eclipse AGAIN !
I still loved watching it as much the 2nd time as i did the 1st, especially when jacob was on the screen, preferably with no shirt on (which was more or less all the time) lol
Oh and i loved jacobs qoutes in the tent scene, something like:
"you would be warmer if you took your clothes off" and "I am hotter than you"
And on to the lippie.
This is Revlon Matte Lipstick in COCOA CRAVING.

I got this lippie in Boots and paid between £7-£8.
I was looking recommendations of lipsticks and shades for redheads on mua etc.
I read lots of reviews saying this lipstick was great for natural redheads with pale skintones.
So after reading various comments i was like "right ive gota get this!" so i went to boots and did so.
I swatched the colour on my hand and thought "oh no thats way beyond your comfort zone" lol bought i purchased it anyway. When i got home i tried it and was like WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY :(
The colour was way to "out there" for me, it made my lips look thinner than normal, i hated it.
Its also matte, i prefer creamy consistencies.
I much prefer nude toned lippies.
I will never wear this lipstick alone, thou if i was to ever consider wearing it i would have to tone it down. I tried doing that with Barry M - 101 Lipstick. Swatches below:

To the Left: Revlon Cocoa Craving Mixed With Barry M 101
To the Right: Revlon Cocoa Craving Alone
I think that cocoa craving is far more wearable when paired with barry m 101 lippie, on my skintone anyway! Thats only my opinion but lol.

Pros of Revlon Cocoa Craving :

Very Pigmented, 1 swipe on my lips is all i need for overall colour
Lovely matte texture, not drying (even though i prefer creamy textures!)
Sleek packaging with nice littlee clear lid thingy at the top which lets you see the colour easily if your in a rush !

Cons of Revlon Cocoa Craving:

The con for me is the colour. Doesnt suit my pale skintone, though for others, they may find it pretty!

I'll stop rambling now, thanks for reading :]

- Nichola óx

Monday, 12 July 2010

Twilight Eclipse

So i went to see the Twilight Saga Eclipse on the 4th July .. I was so excitedd

I avoided going to the midnight screening on the 3rd because i didnt wana go when obsessed fans woulda been every-where (no offence to any peeps) lol !

My opinion on the film-AWESOMEEEE :]

I thought eclipse was better than twilight and by far new moon!

Anyway .

Im now definately TEAM ....


Im going again to see Eclipse in the cinema tomorrow afternoon with my sister and aunt, im super excited again even thoú ive already seen it lol

Anyway thats all, il stop the "babbling" now !

- Nichola óx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

AMAZING Blog giveaway :]

Awesome Giveaway-Details Below !

So i just came across this girls blog (and i am so glad i did!) The link to the post is stated below:

She is having an amazing giveaway packed with chanel goodies, ysl goodies, Lush products and fab nail polishes etc

- Nichola óx

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Topshop Neck-lá-cé :]

So i was doing a bit of shopping with my mum on thursday and of course the summer sales where on. Am not a huge fan of the sales, they do my head in a bit :( but sometimes you can find some really good steals in the clothes lines !
Thou i dont mind the sales if im looking for jewellry.
I handmade jewellry or unique quirky looking pieces.
I spotted this necklace in topshop and just had to get it.
Its so pretty and looks like the handmade type of jewellery that i usually go for :]
Its gold and silver and has a little white bow, a gold figurine of the big ben clock in london, a lil diamond thing and of course my favourite - a big PEARL !
I am obsessed with anything to do with pearls and that made me get it more.
Below are some piccies .. oh and the necklace was originally £16 and i got it for £4 so happy days!

10th July 2010


Navy Top: Urban Outiftters = £38 i think :s I love this top :]
Its so comfortable and loose and it cuts out in circles at the back!
White vest top: River Island - £ 5 or £7
White Skinny Baxter Jeans: Topshop
Pearl Neck-lá-cé: a gift from my bf :]
Chandelier Earrings: Heatons - £2.50
Pandora Bracelets all from my bf too
Handbag: My Mums - A handbag boutique (forget the name) - £40


Wedges: Pépe Jeans London - £75

- Nichola óx



(This is from ages ago btw lol)

Dress: Liberty Blue Boutique Belfast - £35 or £40
I love this dress
White Waist Belt: ASOS - ?
White layered cameo neck-lá-cé: New Look - £15
Bangles [+&] Bracelets a mixture of topshop, next, a market in paris etc


- Nichola óx

10th July 2010

A wee OOTD
(sori for the lack of head-shot)

Blouse/Top: Sabotage boutique Dublin - £40
Velvet & Silk Waistcoat: Warehouse - £45 or so
Skinny Jeans: River Island £45
Cream Heels: New Look £20 or £25
Charm Neck-lá-cé: Ebay - Under £2 :]
Cream and silver bracelet on right wrist frm my bf :]
Rest of bangles a mix from various places a cant member !
- Nichola óx

Friday, 9 July 2010

My 20th Birthday :]

Soo .. it was my 20th birthday there on the 2nd july :]

My bf decided to make me a meal

(i told him i would rather he make me a meal than go out for one!)

He made me this little card too
The photos are messed up but, i rotated them, but they still wont turn round when i upload them, aaaargh :(

Neways this is what it looks like:

The front says "The Love Kitchen"

The inside page says this:

"The love kitchen menu

Todays chefs special


Mixed fruits

Main Course

Fillet steak with creamy pepper sauce.

Served with mixed carrots, cauliflower and broccoli


Banana fritters and pineapple fritters in syrup with vanilla ice cream


Chefs special birthday cake with a cup tea"

Then the next page says this

"Now please wait and enjoy the meal

Our love kitchen wish you a happy birthday.

Our chef put his heart into this meal. And he's

been planning the meal for a long time. We know

you wanted candels to be appeared in your birthday

meal, but unfortunately this weather isn't allow us

to light up the candels.

Happy birthday baby. i will always love you.

Forever and ever.

Love steven."

When i read this i was like awwwww he's so damn sweet :]

Then the back of the card says this:
"This is made just for my special girl-

friend nichola.
Happy birthday my baby girl. You
are my angel. I will always love you
and the love kitchen will always open

for you. Just you!

You are my one and only."

He always makes me such nice handmade cards which makes me happy cus it shows he put time and effort into something for me =]

My Meal

My bf made me this Birthday cake for me all by himself .. i was gobsmacked lol i wasnt expecting him to make any kind of cake for me :o
He's so sa-weet :)

It was v.yummy and tasted rather like cheesecake which i heart !
So for starters my bf gave me mixed fruit which was really lovely and light though i hated the mango that was in it, ive never tasted mango and i thought it was horrible :(

Below was the dessert that my bf made for me. It was banana and pineapple fritters with vanilla ice cream :]

Below is my dinner that my bf made for me: creamy potatoes, mixed vegetables, a goregous fillet steak with creamy pepper sauce that he made from scratch all by himself :]
It was de-lic-ous
especially the peppercorn sauce ..
it was so hawt !

Hes so good to me!

- Nichola .. óx


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