Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hair Extensions

Hi lovelies =)
So the postman came today with a little package, i love getting things in the post (ino weird ryt?)
Anyway it was my new hair extensions. These are the ones i have always used for about 2 years now and ive re-purchased them several times. i first got them in Sallys and they were about £22 for one pack of 18 inches long but now Sallys are discontinuing them :( boohoo!
These are the only extensions i can find that have a good colour match for my natural red hair. I used to wear 2 sets at a time but i ordered3 this time to make my hair more thicker and realistic looking!
I ordered these from the americandreamextensions website and i got each set for £10 each and postage was £6.95 so theyre cheaper than in the stores!
These extensions are always so silky and soft when i get them new which i l.o.v.eeeee but then after the first wash they arent :( about 6 months ago i bought shampoo and con outa sallys thats for hair extensions but i think its useless. I heard baby shampoo is meant to be really good because it doesnt have sulphate or something? Could someone recommend what cheap baby shampoo i should use? and should i use baby conditioner or would Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner be ok? Sorry for the questionsss lol
Below is 1 set of the extensions in their packaging:

This is 1 of the extensions, they are 18 inches long, 12 inches wide and have 6 clips, the clips are really sturdy and comfortable:

And this is all 3 Sets of extensions below:

Btw i know alot of girls love the Foxy Locks Extensions, after reading so many great reviews on them, i fell in love with them too, i watched the colour match video on youtube as well and thought chesnut brown looked like my hair way more than auburn (auburn looked like a wine red rather than a natural gingery auburn red), so i ordered them over a month ago and FAIL they didnt match :( but i didnt panic, cuz they said they could be dyed right?


Well i took them to my mums hairdresser and she said she would dye them and they'd be ready in a few hours so i was happy. It was more than a few hours and she still hadnt rang, i thought ohhhhhh no, then she rang and said the dye wouldnt stick to the hair extensions .. i was so soo mad at this point. There was ten pieces of hair, guess what she done, dyed them all :o you think she would have used her brain and tested 1 of them instead of ruining them all!

I was so angry, i wanted to cry, i wasted nearly £60 on them and then £10 for her to destroy them :(

Anyone else had that problem with the foxylocks extensions?

- Nichola óx

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  1. I love hair extensions :) after stupidly cutting my lovely long hair into a bob! So I always wear my curly locks haha ummm to wash them I just use a good quality shampoo and conditioern with silicone in (this is what makes the extensions shinnnyyy and new)because it strips off when you straighten and use them so its good to replace them :) I'm looking for some new extensions but its so hard to get my colour :( damn xx


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