Saturday, 31 July 2010


Hii Everyone ..

Hope your all having a good weekend whilst im stuck in the house because my bf's working all day :(

Soo yesterday i went shopping again but never got much as usual lol

This is just what i wore:

Green polka dot blouse: Primark find about 3+ years ago - price: cant remember back that far!

Black Vest Top Underneath: River Island - £6 or £7

Wooly/Tweed Skirt: Warehouse - Was £45 down to £5, i really love this skirt now
3 Handmade Necklaces which i adóre: Two were presents from my bf and one from my auntie, all from Liberty Blue Boutique Belfast, one of my favourite shops ever, they have so much cute stuff, and quirky dresses hanging from the ceiling! lol
4the Necklace-Topshop

The blouse that i wore with my skirt is actually veryy long, uns couldnt see as i had it tucked in to the skirt, just thought i would show you all! lol

Patterned Footless Tights - Matalan: £4
Black Shoes - Dolcis 2+ years ago, cant remember the price

Handbag - River Island, present from my bf at christmas: £45 .. i LOVE this bag, but the sides are ripping into holes and so is the straps, not fair :'(

* What I Bought *

Black Velvet Skirt - Primark: £7

( The pic makes it look crappy :( )

Once i saw this skirt i was like mum look at this, i love velvet, its so mee lol. I just hady get it, it was so cheappp!

Its got a tight waist band and is really flowy if at makes sense, its sooo soft =)

Full Length Tights: New Look Sale - Originally £6 down to £2

I love patterned tights and these ones are lovely, they have polka dots on them, but they have three thick stripes hems on each leg, theyre lovely!

I would usually wear footless tights in the summer but i may make a wee exception for these :) lol

- Nichola xó


  1. Your outfit is STUNNING! I looove your style, that looks so cute!
    And especially love the jewlerry and how you've put it together, looks so cute!
    Keep up the posts, love em :) xxxx

  2. Aww thank~you sooo much!

    Your comments always make me =)

    I love the jewellry too (thats why im wearing it duh nichola) lol you should check out if your'e into that kinda handmade stuff missus!


  3. Awww i love your buys! Velvet is so cute! And love the tights :) xx

  4. Your sooo pretty, love your cute style and thank you for following me too :) Your blog is loveeely <3

  5. I love your bag my river island ones starting to peel and rip on the strips I'm devestated! xx

  6. Leigh - Thank~you dear-i-oo :)

    GoldenGlow - Thanks :) Awk thats gay, am so madd that mines is the same :( my mum and i took it too riverisland and they said you have 6 months to get a replacement, we said i got mine as a present at xmas and they said it was no good, this was june past :( they said they could just give me the sale price of it which was £20 :o they had no more of the bags, but i kept it cus my bag was £45 and i still love my bag!

    My mums zip on her purple bag from RI broke too:(

    I know a girl whos big diamond parts an all on her bag came off and she took it in to River Island and they gave her a replacement!

    Lucky for some :(



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