Saturday, 7 August 2010

Topshop Chunky Knitted Cardigan !

Hi Everyone .. Hope your all having a fab weekend :)

Im stuck in on this and waiting on my bf to come home from work which wont be for like another 2hrs+ :(

Got a Migraineeee as usual so laptop plus migraine isnt really a good combination but theres feck all to do!

Anyway, this is just a wee post to show you all a knitted cardigan i got. It came in the post today, i love getting packages :)

From the post title uns will see it says Topshop but i actually got it from the wonderful, wait for it ..... world of EBAY!

Its a topshop knitted cardi thou and was originally £65, i got it for just over £15.00!

Other ppl were bidding but i stuck in there and won, i hate bidding but, id rather just "buy now" i find it less pressurising ! lol anyone agree?

Its a size 10 but i would need it to be smaller but it looks lovely and oversized.

I think itl be nice come the winter months.

I personally LOVE the winter and loathe/hate the summer. I just love winter style, lovely full length tights, cosy jackets, chunky scarfs +gloves, cosying up on the sofa with a blanket and a snuggly hot water bottle etc ... i know im weird right? lol

I still take water bottles all year through thou, im always cold lol

Anyway thats my rambles over!

Talk soon :)

- Nichola óx


  1. That cardigan is so cute ebay is full of loads of bargains! I love winter too, layering up with loads of chunky cardis and scarfs and my beloved ugg boots!


  2. Ohh its gorgeous! I love the little bobbles! :) xx


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