Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Dublin Shopping Buys :)

Hiii Love-aah-lies :]

I went to dublin for a few days last week with my mum and sister and wee literally shopped most of the time .. it was so exhausting :( lol

I actually didnt see much in topshop or anywhere which is shockinggg for me. I got the majority of stuff in penneys :( lol (primark in dublin)

Anyway .. on to what i got:

* Black and Cream Knitted Cardigan - Penneys: 12 Euro *

* Pearl Ring - Pennys: 3.00 Euro *

* Cameo Necklace - Pennys: 3.00 Euro .. I love this *

* Cameo and Pearl Brooch - Pennys: 3.00 Euro I loveee this too, its so pretti *

* Cream Lace Top - Pennys (primark dublin): forgot the price sorry! *

This top is really pretty and has lovely crochet detailing around the chest, has a vest top insert underneath and it looks lovely tucked into high waisted skirts!

* Greyish Wooly Knitted Cardigan - Penneys: 16 Euro *

This is soo nice .. Its got pearl buttons which i lurvve .. Everytime i go shopping i think i need to pick up something to do with pearls, its become a need, like food, not just a want! lol

Sorry for the crappie pictures, camera wont pick it up well :(

* Velvet Patterned Top - Topshop: 46 Euro *

* Tights - Pennys (primark in dublin): 3.00 Euro *

* Bow Patterned Tights - Pennys: 3.00 Euro *

I love these tights, but they are so thinnnn :(

Only wore them once and theres wee holes and pulls already.

* Black Handbag - Pennys: 11 Euro *

I never usually use a black handbag but i thought this was lurvelllii :)

It was cheap, but it doesnt look it, the material is soo soft and the bags mahoosive inside.

The pictures dont make it look as nice as it is in real though :(

* Faux Fur Mink Jacket - A Wear: 60 Euro equivalent to about £50 *

I kept my FAVOURITE THING to last. I absouletly adóre this wee jacket. Its so lovely, but it would have been perfect if the sleeves would have been longer but ah well i dont mind that much, i still love it! Its so soft and has a goregous brooch on it. It kinda looks like a greyish colour in these pics but its mink which has a browny tone to it, its really hard to describe.

It also has a little waist belt thing on the back which gives you a nice shape when its on :)

I HEART this!

- Nichola xó


  1. you got some amazing stuff! thats so funny that you came to dublin, i live here but am heading up to belfast to get stuff soon! x

  2. Ye I didn't realise you were heading to Dublin either, it's where I'm from too. If you're over again let us know and we can help you out with wheres good to go etc.

  3. omg great picks love the black jacket with the bows omg your such a lucky girlie

  4. Julie - Aw ino .. I love going to dublin shopping, me and my mum usually go every summer! lol Im for belfast tomorrow, its an hour from me .. I prefer dub but :) Ul like victoria square in belfast. Check out liberty blue in the centre too! xx

    Dollface - Aww thank-you. I just stay in malahide, and then hit grafton street and henry street in the city usually! Ive heard things about dundrum but havent got :(

    Curves ahead makeup - Aww thank you hun, its really nice isnt it, itl be lovely come the winter!

  5. I really adore your style!.
    And i have that cameo Necklace and brooch to! :)
    LOVE IT!


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