Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Shopping Haul/Buys =)

Hii Again Lovelies

Yesterday my mum took me and my older sister to Belfast shopping :)

I just couldnt wait to hit M.A.C as ive been hinting at her soooo much lol. Anyway of course i saw MAC in Debenhams straight away but my mum and sister had to get too Starbucks .. grrr lol then i said to her can i go to mac .. so then she gave me HER CREDIT CARD :o i was like thank you mammy ! lol I was so tempted to buy so soo much but i knew she'd kill me so i just bought 4 things, some of the stuff wasnt even there that i wanted though :( il have to check the website i guess ;)

Anyway, below is a picture of everything i bought, or should i say, what my mum bought for me!

So this was my first time ever at a M.A.C counter. It was in Debenhams. When i was in there i felt like i was being watched by one of the s/a, maybe that was paranoia thou as i reas that alot of people think the sales assistant are snobby an look down on you. One did come over and was like "are you okay, do you want me to take those for you" .. i was like "no can you just give me a minute please" i just felt like they kinda look down on you. Id rather purchase products from the website now i think! Anyway on to the products, i bought, well my mums credit card bought lol:

* M.A.C Paintpot - Groundwork *
* M.A.C Eyeshadow - Satin Taupe - I loveee this already *
* M.A.C Eyeshadow - Mulch *
* M.A.C Sheertone Shimmer Blush - Springsheen *
Overall im really happy with these 4 products but havent properly used them, ive now got 5 MAC products, including e/s in woodwinked, im so easily fascinated! lol

Next is Revlon Colorstay Foundation 150 Buff oily/combination. These were the only things i bought with my own money yday! If anyone is wondering "why the heck did she buy 3?" well that is because in superdrug and boots they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on all Revlon Cosmetics. I thought id take advantage of this. I checked a few boots shops as the weknd and yesterday and they only had 2 in my shade in stock, but i finally found 3 yesterday :) I bought 3 because i know il always use this foundation, it was about £23.99 all together so I saved myself roughly £12.oo !

Then comes my Urban Outfitters Purchases .. I got this blousey top. It looks quite retro/vintage-y (is that even a word) dont you think? It got little creamy lined buttons with a gold outline. The Brand of the blouse is POP England and it says its made from urban recycled materials. It can be worn so the top but is closed but i prefer it open and the sides flapped down, i think it looks cuter. This cost £35.00. I actually adoreeee it on, and the waistband is gorgeous as well as the material =)

I also got this skirt in Urban Outfitters. Its a tight lace skirt but really comfy and flattering, its grey but kinda has a greenish tone too it. It was orriginally £35.00 but i got it for £14.99!

In House of Fraser i came across the Mikey Jewellery Stand, i would usually be interested in Mikey Jewellery but just had a peep anyway. I saw the chandelier earrings and i just had to have them. They are so Biggg but really heavy, but that didt stop me getting them. They were originally £20 but they have 70% off which made them £6 :0 Also the sale poster said "Buy any sale item and get the cheapest free" . There wasnt much else i like but these hoop PEARL earrings caught my eye straight away. If you read my Blog you should know that i am OBSESSSSSED WITH PEARLS! They were orighinally £18. I went to the till and just aked the s/a if i would get them free just to make sure, and she said yes, she was like "thats really good isnt it" :) So overall, i got those two pairs of purrtii earrings for just £6 whereas they would have really cost £38 minus the sale prices. Great BARGAIN. Anyone Agree? :)

I saw these shoes first in Navy, i usually dont wear that much navy but straight away i said to myself i dont care just because there was pearls on them but then .... i checked a few shoe stands below and i saw them in black .... i was like YAYYY! I got them in New Look btw and they cost £20. They arent too high, more of a kitten heel, so you could wear them shopping etc and your feet wouldnt be cavin in ! Theyre suede, have little bows at the side, diamontes and PEARLS! I absoloutely LOVE these shoes, they are just sooo cute =)

Now, Good Óle Primark lol ... from the left:

*Flower Brooch-£2.50, its really cute*
*Flower Ring-£3.00*
*Purple Kabuki Brush-£1.50, ive heard good reviews about this so thought id get it to give it a try as it was! *

I also got this suede navy bag, This is with the FLASH on btw! It only cost £4.00 and is really biggg inside.

This is the bag with NO FLASH, this shows the colour better. I also thought id take the brooch i got in primark and attach it to the middle of the bag to make it more "individual" lol i think its rather cute though :) what do you guys think?

On two my last thing to show unz all .. My little Marilyn Monroe ring! I got this in Liberty Blue Boutique, one of my favourite shops everrrr. There was only 1 of these, i had to get it. It cost £5.00. Its goldish with a picture of her under a soft plastic top if that makes sense. Its so pretty :)

Sorry for the crappy pictures, i tried so many times to get a good picture but couldnt :(
Anyway thats everything i got yesterday. Hope i didnt bore you guys too much, it seems like this post took forever to do! lol

- Nichola óx


  1. springsheen is one of my favourites - there's no thrill like a MAC haul! xoxo

  2. Aww is it :) i cant wait to try it!

    Aw gawd ino, i wanted to buy so much!


  3. Omg! I love that skirt and ring and its such a bargain! Lucky for you you must be so happy!! ooh revlon i've just started using it too and i love it :) x

  4. Thank-you!

    Yesss i am :) tehe

    Aye i love the revlon colorstay foundation, its a good bargain offer atm too if you know its a product you will always use :)


  5. you are so gorgeous.

  6. woah you got so much stuff! :) am totally in love with the marilyn monroe you know if they post items to people?! i HAVE to have it, lol! :)x

  7. Julie- Hi .. I know :) Yeah they just recently got a website, its:

    I just checked and they dont have any rings that i can see on the website, only chains and brooches etc :(


  8. Love the skirt! I'm now following!! :)


  9. I love MAC and i bought the same foundation the other day after a few people had recommended it and so far it does seem pretty good!


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