Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Hi dollies :)

Hope youre all doing well!

So on Sunday me and the BF just went out for a drive and wee spotted a car boot sale when we were out and about. Ive never been to one before, i kinda felt a lil outa place lol. I never saw much :( But i spotted a few things.

My bf got this little greenish brooch for me, its lurvliii :) I heart brooches, im such-a granny aint i? :(

I also got a little cream thingy, its kinda like a trinket box or something, i just thought it was really cute so my bf got me it too. Its sooo heavy but!

It had a little gold heart in it too, it looks silver but!

Anyway thats all i got, not much but i love my wee "finds" =)

Some people have all the luck at c-boot sales, once on someones blog i saw clothes that they got, they were really quirky and lovely for the prices of like 30p etc. Unfortunately for me i dont have the lucky charm! lol

Thats all from me now, this ramble was rather un-interesting lol but .. im off to Dublin tomorrow morning with my mum and sister i think for a few days which im really looking forward too .. I love shopping there! BUT im not looking forward to the 3 hour long drive and getting up at 5am or soo :(

Talk soon

- Nichola xó


  1. Aww these are so pretty! :) xx

  2. Aww they're so pretty, I love your blog only just found it and I'm a new follower - maybe you could check mine out too ? :)
    x Lisa


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