Saturday, 2 October 2010

Karen Gillan

I think shes stunningly ... beautee-ful



  1. I think she is sooo beautiful. I love her skin tone and her hair. She is really underrated too! She better looking than Cheryl IMO. xx

  2. I agree, i think shes better looking than cheryl too!

    I love her hair and the way she doesnt cover herself with fake tan and embraces her paleness !

    If only i had the confidence to pull out my whiteee legs lol


  3. Hey hun, I am doing a giveaway, have a look here :) xxx

  4. Arghhh everybody wants me to get the purse with the scarf on it! Dammit! xD I'm leaning more towards the Turnlock purse, honestly. Ahh, I don't know.. -sigh-

    Oh you think? Thank you : D I don't really think that I look like her, but I'll take it as a compliment for sure! : D <3


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