Friday, 1 October 2010

.. A few cheap-eee primark buys!

Hi Doll-eee's :)

Hope uns are all having a good friday night.
Im sitting in all wrapped up .. hot water bottle, blanket, wooly dressing gown/robe and chunky bootie bedroom slippers, am all set for thee "cold wintery nights" wouldnt uns say?
And I LOVE IT (being all cosy)! lol ..

Now i just gota go geta nice cupa táe .. 3 sugars please :)

Anyway this is some of the wee bits 'n' pieces i picked up in primark on wednesday and today ..

Peach-y Blouse - £10.00

Black Blouse - £10 same as above ^

I actually really love these two mum even got one in the black too! obv you havty wear a cami or vest underneath too

(unless youre into showing of your stomach etc, which i soooo am not, i hate mine with a passsh-ion)!

I spotted this belt in another primark store today .. i was kinda looking for a skinny one cus i dnt really have many and i loveee it .. and guess the price? 50p .... yes 50p i said! Only one left, it was originally £2 .. bargain !

Gold Bow Ring - £2.00 Please excuseee my ugly pale ass hands and short weak chipped nails :(

Snake Ring - £2.50 i think .. i love this, sorry for the crappy pic thou :(

Snake Bangle - Aww i just lovee this too - £3.00

Sensations - Peking Spare Ribs Crackers .. Yess primark has introduced a new gorgeous food range :)

joke .. lol but i had to include these, stuffed them in the trolley in tesco today, theyre so yummy but not good for the tummy :(

Anyway thats all .. Wait, no it isnt, i just wanty ask, does anyone have any good tips on how i can: tighten, fill, make less visible - large/dialated open pores on my nose?

I have blackheads that i can never get rid off, and from excessively poking at them (i know eugh) i have left very deep hole thingys .. ive tried different creams, the elf primer, ice cubes to close them, distilled witch hazel, egg whites etc but nothing helps, my foundation justs disappears/slides off around the holes and leaves all these hugely visible hole marks on my nose, really hard to describe, i HATE the thought of putting makeup on now :( that seems like quite an exaggeration doesnt it, but i feel so paranoid about this problem .. get a grip nichola!

Ive was thinking maybe about some Clinique pore products but dont wanty spend much if it isnt gunay work, anyone know if you can get free samples in boots etc?

Sorry for the long ramble ..

Any advice would be well appreciated girlies!

- Nichola


  1. I have problems with blackheads too. No matter how hard I try they never go :( Luckily they don't look too bad! xxx

  2. I know theyre so stubborn :( at least they can be covered with makeup, its just the big holes thats the problemooo for me now :(


  3. wow love those rings everything you bought is just so cute ! ! !

  4. For blackheads I'd recommend clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser, it works for mee :) I love the peachy blouse, and the ring (I seen it in my primark but didnt get it - wish i did now :P ) Lovely haul :D♥


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