Thursday, 2 September 2010

Urban Decay Naked Palette :)

Hii ..

So i havent posted anything since last week because ive been busy and then my internet has been acting like a tool this last couple of days, it lets me on one min then the next i get the irritating messgae "the internet explorer cannot display the webpage"

Aaargh its so annoying :(

I feel lost without getting on the internet lol

But anyway wednesday got a lot better because my BF booked our flights to Beijing for next Febuary and i CANNOT WAIT :) and also my Urban Decay Naked Palette FINALLY came :)

I ordered it on the 23rd from the HOF website but it only came there yday .. I was startin to think it got lost in the post :(

Anyway I LOVE IT already .. Its so pretty!

Pictures below:

I havent used it yet thought but i plan to tomorrow :)

The eyeshadows are gorgeous, i really like: Darkhorse, Hustle, Virgin and sidecar.

I really like the new Whiskey Eye pencil shade as well. I think its much better than Bourbon as it had glitter in it!

- Nichola xó

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