Saturday, 4 September 2010

Bank Holiday Monday Outing

Hi Againn Lovelies !

From the title unz can see i wrote bank holiday monday ..

I know i know, its like nearly a week later but im just tryna catch up on some posts since my internet was playing up .. Its actually working for the past couple a hours now thank gawd :) lol

Anyway, me and my bf went a drive on monday to this place called the Gortin Glens. We ended up in the middle of the mountains first near gorgeous big lakes.

I so wasnt dressed appropriately, it got way too warm. I nearly got eaten alive by a hugeee Dog, okay slight exaggeration, but i took a huff and walked away from my bf and the next min i hear "nichola stay there", turned round and the dog was standing on him, i was metres away, surrounded by water and about to bust into tears :( am such a wussss lol but im scared a dogss so much and this one was so massive, it was an alsatian.

Then when we got to the forest we took our picnic and GOT LOST. Soo not fun. The forest Reminded me of TWILIGHT so much, all i needed was for edward to appear and it woulda been like the film in real ... A girl can only dream right? :(

Anyway, picture heavy below:

My bf Carved this into the wood :)

"Steven Loves Nik"

It needs rotated, i did that, obv it didnt save!

I love this picture, it doesnt look sunny here but it really was, i love how the sky reflects perfectly in the water, i just wanted to jump in !

Awkward stupid poseee :( my baddd ^^ !

Waterfall :]

Me standing awkwardly again =s lol

My Bf : )

Hope you're all having a good week'end !

- Nichola óx


Beauties Opinions =) Óx;x


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