Thursday, 9 September 2010

♥× Some Wee Bits & Bobs I Bought Recently ♥×

* Simple Oil Balancing Control Moisturiser: Boots - £3.99 *

I got this because i was in need of a new face moisturiser and cus i have to save the pennies as well :( i thought because it said "oil balancing" that it would actually do that. However .. no it did NOT! Less than an hour after i applied all my make-up i had a shiny face. I have oily/combination skin you could say. I have an oily t-zone but my cheeks are quite noraml/dry. This cream left my entire face SHINY never mind my just thee nose area etc. It gets a thumbs DOWN from me!

* Nivea Visage Regenerating Night Cream for Normal/Combination Skin: Superdug - Half price sale £1.99 i think *

I've never bought a night cream before -$ im not really a huge skin person. So i thought i would just buy this little tub, it was half price in superdrug anyway. It says that its for combination skin. Well, you dont need to apply alot, just a little cus it spreads easily however it looks like you dipped your face in a frying pan .. especially in the MORNING. I have to get a towel and dab my face after i use this. I have been using this for about a week now, i havent noticed any significant differnce in my skin, however it is a bit smoother and the redness in my cheeks has been toned down abit.

* Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid: Superdrug - Half price sale £1.99 i think also *

I bought this because the simple one was quite a fail as i said above ^ This actually keeps my skin nice and matte for a good wean a hours :) then i just top up with a little bit of powder .. However my skin does feel a bit tight when it dries in :( my search goes on .

* Barry M Nail Polishes in: Mushroom and Grey: Boots 2 for £4 or £5 *

I have been meaning to pick Mushroon up for a while but everytime i remember to look for it when im out shopping it seems to be outta stock :( but then i found it in boots and it was on offer so i picked it up and the Grey one. I realy like Mushroom :) Not so much the Grey shade though, it comes out like a dark navy on my nails which im not that fond of.

* Creamy Beige Lace Crochet Waist Belt: Dunnes Stores - £4 *

* Black Lace Crochet Waist Belt: Dunnes Stores - £4 *

* 3 Pairs of patterned tights from Primark *

* MAC Powder Blush in Melba *

I was looking for a peachy MAC powder blush and picked this up. I wasnt so sure at the start, it seemed such of a bold colour, but when you use a light hand i think its really pretty. Its super pigmented and will last ages. It also lasts all day on my face which is a plus + : )

* MAC Creme 'de nude Lipstick *

This is described as a peachy lipstick i think ? However i think it looks a little pink on me and i cant really wear pink because of my red hair :( i have mixed it with Rimmel nude delight and think its quite wearable. Its my first Mac lipstick and i really like it! Its a cremesheen and is so softiee soft lol it just glides on and has a lovely shine to it.

* Gold Bag Charm: Primark £2.50 or £3.50 *

* Cameo Ring: Primark - £2 i think *

* Gold Bird Brooch: Primark £1 *

* 3 Tiny rings: Matalan - £5 *

If anyone has any recommendations for a face moisturiser for combination/oily skin could you share ..

Pretty please? :)



  1. try using the night cream just on an ight then using a regular moisturiser i use simples either hydrating moisturiser or one of the normal moisturisers i see differences with that way :D

  2. hey nichola , i no this may sound cheap but i have combination to oily skin and used revlon colour stay foundation in buff everyday and use either the boots own range cucumber day and night cream on my face before applying my foundation or the asda's own face cream, both come in little screw lid pot and last about 3 months.
    Hope this helps x
    Sophie-lou x

  3. cute stuff dear ,,
    i would die to try the berry m nail polishes <3 lucky u UK peeps =)

  4. Sophie - Thanks for the info :) Looks like were quite alike, same skin, same foundation and shade! I may give those products a wee try out ..
    An you dont sound cheap. If it doesnt cost much but works, well thats a plus in my book =)


    Feef - Thanks :) They are quite nice, though im not into Nails that much, mines are short and blahh lol !


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